ANA´s Alphabet

Apply strict rules for eating

Buy small clothes to remind yourself

Count every calorie

Don’t complain about your weight in public, it looks suspicious

Elimanate all possible binge food

Fat free is the way to be!

Give someone some of your food if forced to eat

Have a water bottle with you
Ignore your cravings by sucking on ice cubes

Joke about food around people

Kissing burns calories

Love Ana she won't let you fall

Make a thinspo book/site

Never take the elevator, use the stairs!

Only eat around people

Participate in challenges

Quit your morning stop at starbucks

eward yourself when you reach a goal!

each every goal, dont give up

Set goals with reasonable goaldates for yourself
Think thin, be thin, stay thin

Unlike fat gross pigs, you will not let food rule your life


Write down your intake somewhere

Xtra Things are always not needed

You need to prove to yourself you have control

Zero calories creates perfection

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